SBG Productions is a newly formed multimedia company based out of Oklahoma City. We offer a variety of services from Video Production to Social Media Management. We at SBG Pro know it takes that one idea, that one spark to start a wildfire, the meaning behind “A Glimpse Trickles Possibility”. We have the spark to help grow your business through strong campaigns that include custom marketing materials and timely, audience-enticing social media marketing. As a small business, we know big dreams can become a reality at the right price.

“A Glimpse Trickles Possibility”

Multimedia Production

Graphic Design

Social Media Management

“Sara is a devoted videographer with skills ranging from detail focused to time management as well as a passionate individual when it comes the time she devotes towards her work. Aspiring others by her work ethic through seven years of experience with motion graphics, videographer and graphic design, Sara has the confidence and skill set to keep her head up in any situation.”

Nick Marek
Photographer, Nick Marek Photography